WHA Now Accepting Bids for Playground Contractors, Physical Needs Assessment, and Energy Audit

Playground Construction
The Waynesville Housing Authority is accepting bids for a new playground construction at the Ninevah property on Country Club Drive.

Physical Needs Assessment
The WHA is also now accepting bids for a Physical Needs Assessment. Also known as Capital Needs Assessments (CNAs), Physical Needs Assessments are property inspection reports that estimate the future costs of property maintenance, as well as determining the cost to repair any parts of a property that must be fixed urgently.

Energy Audit
In addition to the Physical Needs Assessment, WHA is accepting bids for an Energy Audit as well. Because of the increasing importance of energy conservation, HUD is taking a more proactive approach toward encouraging energy efficiency in its housing programs. In order for public housing agencies (PHAs) to improve their capital planning processes, HUD determined that there is a need for stronger energy audit data.

Interested persons are invited to submit bids regarding these projects to:

Waynesville Housing Authority
P. O. Box 418
Waynesville, NC 28786.

Please contact Belinda Kahl at (828) 456-6377 or info@waynesvillehousing.org for more information.

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