About the WHA

The Waynesville Housing Authority manages 100 units in total. The units are brick, single-story duplexes located in four areas of Waynesville. The locations are Chestnut Park (8 units), Pigeon Street (12 units), Boyd Avenue (20 units), and Nineveh [60 units (family section)]. There are 20 studio apartments, 24 one-bedroom apartments, 25 two-bedroom apartments, 23 three-bedroom apartments, and 7 four-bedroom apartments.
The Waynesville Housing Authority Tower, at 65 Church Street, manages 62 units total in a six-story building. There are 52 one-bedroom, and 10 two-bedroom apartments in the building.

Rent for WHA is estimated at 30% of the family’s monthly adjusted income. WHA has a minimum rent of $50. The max rent must be 80% of HUD-issued fair market rent for Haywood County. The max rent for the Tower is set by USDA/HUD RD. Different factors can change a tenant’s rent such as income, medical expenses (elderly households 62+), and children in the home (daycare expenses). Rent includes electricity, water, sewer, and garbage. With WHA, electricity is partially included. The tenant has a monthly allowance of kilowatts; tenants are responsible for the amount they exceed the allowance, at .0922 cents per KW over.

Public housing is funded by the federal government and administered by the Waynesville Housing Authority for the jurisdiction of the City of Waynesville / County of Haywood. PHAs are governed by a board of officials that are generally called “commissioners.”

The board of commissioners establishes policies under which the PHA conducts business, The executive director is responsible for preserving and expanding the agency’s resources and assuring the agency’s continued viability and success with the support of the board of commissioners and the support of the community and local government.

The principal staff member of the PHA is the executive director (ED), who is selected and hired by the board. The ED oversees the day-to-day operations of the PHA and is directly responsible for carrying out the policies established by the commissioners. The ED’s duties include hiring, training, and supervising the PHA’s staff, as well as budgeting and financial planning for the agency. Additionally, the ED is charged with ensuring compliance with federal and state laws, and program mandates.

The Waynesville Housing Authority (WHA) also invites college students seeking internships to apply at the authority for the required hours of their degree in social work, business, and any other human service degree or business degree.

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Housing Authority Hours:
Monday to Thursday8:00 AM – 3:00 PM
FridayAdministration Day and Appointment Only
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Independence Day
President Day
Laborer Day
Good Friday
Veterans Day
Memorial Day
Thanksgiving and Following Friday
Christmas day and two days after
New Year’s Day
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